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Newsletter 2: In localities where multi dwelling units ( Builder flats) are built on small plots (initially planned with single family residential plots) & all power back up infrastructure is planned with less load for entire locality, in such localities in particular neutral failure is very frequent on main pole neutral cable due to all return current from single phase users end, which leads to 420 voltage exposer to single phase end users , which damages house hold appliances or deteriorate the internals of appliance leading to low service life of equipment ,this problem is experienced but mostly unanalyzed as common end user take it as normal occurrence & blame the equipment, but in reality their dwelling unit is not equipped with right safety, mostly they have double pole mcb as first safety and it is general conviction that it is ultimate safety, I would like to clarify that MCB is system safety ( Wiring etc.) & does not ensure equipment safety as it trips if current rush is due to over load or short circuiting( when equipments insulation fails due to own reason) or we can say mcb is system safety due to inherent fault in live equipments, but there is no safety for equipment against poor/hazardious electricity supply quality ,which is quite frequent in localities in question & main cause is voltage rush due to neutral failure, this problem can be tackled with incorporation of many components but cost very high & difficult to install in already built switch board, we can supply over current-voltage trip relay which is just like double pole mcb & function exactly as mcb & over voltage protection hence a complete safety to your house.

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