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Akwafill Borewell autofilling system (Model :AKWAFILL alfa series 001)

This system is with auto/manual combo feature which when put in auto mode, start filling your tank when your over head tank water level has gone down to adjustable low level & switch off the pump when tank is full ,hence saves your precious time & energy to do it many time yourself every day , generally you keep getting water for 2 to 4 hour even more during power outage depending upon your over head tank storage capacity & water consumption pattern, it smoothens your pump start/stop pattern resulting enhanced pump/Borewell life due less fatigue & saves your electricity bill due to no wastage of water in over flow/ spillage

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Akwafill municipal water auto fill system ( Model: AKWAFILL alfa series 002 )

This system is suitable for limited hour municipal water supply areas, this system has also inbuilt auto/manual combo feature, when you put in auto mode, you need not to unnecessary stay at home & fill your tank yourself .many a time ,when you need to go somewhere for some more urgent work, this system will take care of your duty, it will start filling your tank when your tank is not full to the preset top level & municipal water supply is on otherwise not start.

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Akwafill fullfetch ( model : alfaseries 003)

This is useful for water scarce areas or low yield borewells, it may be surprising to you that with low yield bores or water scarce areasgenerally your bore yields much more than your need per day, but due to low yield its difficult to fetch because your pump runs dry & get damaged, this system keeps monitoring available water level in bore & keep displaying. when put in auto mode it starts the pump only when bore has panel adjustable preset water level in bore & overhead tank is lower than full level

& stops the pump when either over head tank is at full level or borewell water has gone to panel adjustable preset lower water level , this cycle of operation keeps going in a utomode ensuring your pump never runs dry & keeps filling your over head tank so that your over head tank has a II the time ample water stored to cater your water need.

It comes as control module only which can be connected with your starter with auto/manual operation selection feature when in auto mode it will control switch on/off of pump with your sir with inbuilt adaptive control instructions & when in manual mode all switch on/off control will s your starter.

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Akwafill power activator ( Model :Alfa series 004)

This is auto phase changeover device : This is useful in builder built dwelling unit to keep common utilities always active with power, you might have experienced that in areas where most dwelling units are builder built on small plots, phase failure is quite common, which makes your common utilities also inactive, this system ensures that if even one phase is coming it automatically connect your utilities to active phase thus keeping your utilities available with power to serve you.

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Reverse current Neutral Earth pit auto isolation device (Model allfaseries 005)

You might have frequently experienced with your electrical devices at your home that you get electrical shock without any known reason even with your water taps which leads to damage of your electrical devices, which is dangerous & may lead to fatal accidents, you must know the reason that your neutral is not earthed, which is also a mandatory requirement for dwelling buildings ( specially builder flats) where three phase power supply is inhouse distributed as single phase power iby different combination of phase & neutral to different dwelling units & each dwelling unit has its safety devices but home safety system is not sensitive to the problem of said unknown occasional shock problem, solution is as below:-

Every building should have its neutral earthed with own neutral earthing pit, but when neutral fails from out going down stream side then all building between fault point & earthing pit start Using your earthing pit which leads to failure of pit/cable, solution is to use Reverse current Neutral Earth pit auto isolation device which on such occurrence immediately isolates your pit from other buildings current inrush keeping your pit/system safe and remain dedicatedly effective for your building safety only thus keeping your electrical assets safe.

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