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Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. is formed by Mr. Suresh Nigam , Mechanical Engineer is in the field Water solution and Renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and products having tie-up with many R&D labs in NCR. The main objective of the company is very much clear from its name .we are actively working in villages to provide a common platform for green energy solutions and for energy saving technologies and products. We in Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. is to add value in the growth of country particular village’s power generation and reduce the demand Vs availability ratio. Company is supported by the expert’s staff and R&D institutes to provide innovative products based on renewable energy .

Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P

Registered with MSME

About us

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer of water solution a products and suppers of solar energy products .we are professionally managed in design, testing, commissioning of all types of solar products, as per customized options as per the specific requirements which helps in delivering the range as per the changing trends of the market at sector 66, Noida.

Our Suppliers and R&D centers is equipped with comprehensive production machinery, fabrication and test equipments.

Our company is solely committed to provide extremely high quality and dependable products. We will continuously strive to provide quality products which satisfy the needs of our new and existing customers.

Vision and Mission

We look forward to create a learning environment in which rural people get an opportunity to develop their intellectual capability and looking efficiently in order to be highly skilled professionals. We intend to provide rural leadership focusing on wholistic approach for rural reconstruction and social welfare .we wish to illuminate every village household, every village neighborhood by solar energy. we wish to make every rural youth self reliant, Healthy, wealthy and a popular contributor to community welfare through complex network of greatly institutions spread over vast area of operation.


Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. Developed a very clear MOTO

  • Testing and stabilizing of operation

Our Values

Safety: Safety is our most focus area. Every type of safety is our concern.

Care: we care our business partners, Suppliers, customers, community and our own employees.

Respect: We respect all associated concerned with us directly or indirectly with dignity.

Ethics: We follow high standard of Ethics through transparency, confidentiality and Mutual trust.

Diligence: We take every project with care and perseverance


It is not just large projects where Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. is shining; it has made considerable strides in small-scale rooftop solar projects and solar products as well. Commercial grid connected rooftop solar projects are gaining rapid momentum in India, and posse Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. sees the best in-house capability to build an efficient solar energy system .We offer best in class rooftop solar panels for your homes, offices, hospitals etc.

Akwafill Technical Solutions & Solar Projects L.L.P. for Innovation of Plug & Play solar PV product (complete with panels, mounting structures, batteries and power conditioning unit) designed to cater to off-grid solar solutions in urban and rural areas . With a modular design to scale from 1 to 20 KW, this product provides a comprehensive answer for Grid-interactive and Standalone power systems. Based upon proven technology, and engineered from the ground up to simplify the design, the easy to install product makes it an ideal solution for any power requirement

Turning to solar is one of the best ways of generating revenue either it is for self consuming or selling to grid.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on earth. 173,000 tetra watt of solar energy strikes the earth continuously, which is more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy use.

Going solar is the way to go these days. Who does not like the idea of using clean, affordable energy from the sun to power our home and business?

Roof Top Solar

It is a Onetime investment with benefits on multiple fronts and has been creating a buzz amongst leading industries and individuals across the nation over a period of 25 years .

Project Highlights

  • Project –life – 25 years
  • Up to 1500 units /Kw produced on an average
  • Quick project execution period of 3-5 months
  • Minimum maintenance cost and efforts
  • Constant electricity rate for the projects life time
  • Most feasible form of renewable energy for
  • Houses ,schools, Offices, Hospitals, Factories
  • Many other commercial establishments.

Our Services

Our services for Turnkey and EPC solar power projects include all project activities from detailed design , engineering and execution of solar power projects.

These activities can be summed up as Follows:-

  • Site assessment for feasibility and viability of
  • PV solar power.
  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Complete engineering and design of PV solar power
  • Project execution and commissioning
  • Testing and stabilizing of operation
  • Operation and maintenance

Schedule for free consultation

Our goal is to help you decide if solar is good fit for you and your premises. We like to focus on education rather than just selling because we want you to be as excited as we are.

If you are interested in scheduling free site evaluation, we will need to discuss with you to learn more about you and your requirements.

Our system designer will help you decide what the best fit is for you based on your need, Roof space, budget and solar resource. He will make all measurements of your roof and measure how much sun light your roof gets to make sure solar made sense for your premises.

What is site evaluation?

Our system designer will record, measure and analyze following information.

  • Roof design ,shingle age and conditions
  • Orientation, height and pitch of roof.
  • Available roof space for solar panels, roof vents and sky lights
  • Electric service panel suitability including extra space for new dedicated breakers.
  • Tree shedding and other factors that can affect system performance.
  • After our system design engineer gathered these information's, we discuss potential options will be able to provide you with following in formations

  • Suggest no of panels and type of panels
  • Financial information, annual energy savings and return on investment.
  • Final proposal

Our Technology

P V base solar technologies

  • Thin Film PV Technology
  • Mono/Poly Crestline Technology

Inverter Technology

  • String Type/ Central Type/Hybrid Type
  • Remote Monitoring system inverter


  • High Capacity Tubular Batteries
  • Solar Batteries

Electrical Accessories

  • Transformer
  • Control panel
  • Cable trays
  • Ip 65 junction Box
  • Cables and controllers with accessories

Our Capabilities

  • Customer Premises Selection and site data collection
  • Estimation of sun Hours and data analysis
  • Design of civil details and structure
  • Selection of Equipments and their make
  • Analyze cost Estimation and power generation forecast
  • Estimation of commercial Feasibility and ROI calculation
  • Turnkey Solution which includes design, approvals, supply
  • Installation, commissioning, operation and Maintenance